About the Author

“After spending most of my life working in corporate America, I’ve decided to spend the remainder doing what I want, which is to write.”


Never heard of “biker fiction?” Then strap on your skid lid and get ready for a wild ride. Larry Lovan’s Road Raptors series is full of great characters you will love to love or love to hate, settings you will feel and smell, and believable relationships, all brought to life by Lovan’s gift for prose. His female lead is well-drawn and sympathetic, and her surrounding cast is fascinating and vibrant. I highly recommend the entire series.


Laura Stewart Schmidt, Author

New Book Coming in 2022 - Iron Brotherhood A Road Raptors MC Novel No. 4

It started out like any other run, this time to a campground in Montana where the twelve Road Raptor MC chapters are gathering to elect a national club president and party hardy. But when the LA chapter is attacked on the way there, then Sir Drake, president of the Tacoma chapter, shows up with an associate club in tow, the Dukes of Death, Johnny and Rebecca realize there will be nothing normal about this run. Add in a rancher who owns the campground, the county, and the counties bent cops, mix in a tornado, a white supremacist militia along with the Sin Eaters MC who still have designs on the Road Raptors, and the bodies begin to mount up. Then there is the beautiful young blonde, what is she after? Johnny and Rebecca will need to use all their wits and nerve to keep the LA chapter from falling victim to the dangers lurking in Iron Brotherhood.